The “Station Hill” Project in Burnaby, BC, is a thoughtful condo renovation designed for an elderly couple seeking enhanced comfort and accessibility. This transformation focused on creating a unified living space that supports both their lifestyle and mobility needs. One of the key changes was relocating the guest bedroom to make way for the kitchen, connecting it directly with the dining and living areas. This open-plan design facilitates better movement and social interaction, making it ideal for entertaining and everyday living.

To enhance the ambiance and functionality of the home, cove lighting was added throughout, providing gentle, indirect light that is easy on the eyes. The layout was further opened to maximize natural light, brightening the space and making it more welcoming. Special attention was given to the bathrooms, which were redesigned to be elderly-friendly, featuring safety enhancements such as grab bars and non-slip surfaces. Additionally, a custom bench was crafted for the entrance hallway, providing a comfortable spot for the couple to sit as they prepare to head out or return home.

Custom storage solutions were also integrated throughout the condo, including all bedrooms and the entrance, ensuring that every item has its place and the spaces remain clutter-free and easy to navigate. The “Station Hill” renovation blends thoughtful design with practical enhancements, creating a safe, accessible, and enjoyable living environment for the couple.


Condominium located in Burnaby, BC.


Full Condo Renovation


1800 sft.







“We were thinking about a renovation when we got this unit. We were looking for a way of how to design it and so on. And we manage to see this neighbour who just got a renovation with Enzo. We liked the idea of an open concept. So, we contacted Enzo. […] If people come to see our unit and ask who made the renovation, of course, I’m going to say Enzo.”

- Condo Owner.

Enzo Design Build: We have Two Finalist!

Georgie Awards 2024

  • Best Condo Renovation – The Artist’s Silo
  • Best Condo Renovation – Zephyr