Bathroom Renovation Vancouver

Enzo Design Build makes a bathroom renovation in Vancouver easy and fun – from start to finish. Our talented bathroom designers can help you create a dramatic powder room, a simple hall bath or an elaborate spa-like master bath. The rising popularity of the glamorous bathroom appears related to a lifestyle shift. The popularity of luxury amenities has brought a shift in how we address “water closets” or “restrooms”. A yearning for a room where you can get away from it all and just indulge yourself for a moment. Escape, comfort, retreat and indulgence are words that come to mind when we think of bathrooms; our havens for the mind, body and soul. 

An aesthetically beautiful bathroom is always top of mind when contemplating a bathroom remodel. However, here at Enzo Design Build, we strive to make sure your renovated bathroom is not only beautiful but functional as well. We take into consideration how you want to use, and oftentimes share your space. Our bathroom designers will also show you design elements that maybe you have never thought of; space-saving designs, expanded storage solutions, unique materials and lighting elements just to name a few.

Before-Bathroom-Condo-Renovation-Yaletown-Vancouver modern-bathroom-renovation-black-faucet-fixtures-marble-tile

“Your bathroom, your oasis – create a space that rejuvenates your soul.”


What is Bathroom Renovation Full Service?

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a design and build construction company, like Enzo Design Build, is that design, engineering and construction services are all under a single contract. This means that you get value from all of your construction professionals communicating, collaborating, and ensuring that all items match left to right and top to bottom.  Your designer will work with you to design a stunning bathroom while our draftsmen, engineers, and project managers ensure everything is measured accurately and reflected in your construction documents for proper materials ordering.  All construction professionals must sign off on the purchase order for your materials.  By the time you sign your construction agreement, we will have the costs down to the penny of what your remodel will cost you.  This means little to no change orders when working with a design-build firm.

Benefits of Bathroom Renovation Full Service in Vancouver

Our integrated design-build approach ensures continuity throughout the construction and renovating process. We consider design, quality, cost, and time simultaneously, resulting in a remodel that meets your exact specifications while keeping your budget and construction time to a minimum. Traditional construction models often lead to cost discrepancies between your desired features and what you can afford. Draftsmen excel at designing structures and floor plans but may overlook cost considerations. With our design-build approach, we prevent such mishaps, avoiding the need for costly revisions and ensuring your dream bathroom renovation aligns with your budget.


More Benefits of Full-Service

  • Access to volume discounts on materials not offered to individual customers.
  • Accurate measuring to minimize excess material while ensuring sufficient coverage.
  • Guidance in selecting the right materials for specific purposes (e.g., avoiding porous tile in the bathroom to reduce cleaning effort).
  • Transparency in cost: knowing the exact renovation cost when signing the construction agreement.
  • Avoiding significant price increases through change orders, which are common with general contractors (average change order rate of 35%).
  • Ability to address potential changes upfront and explore cost-saving alternatives.

“Create a bathroom that inspires you to start and end your day with a smile.”