Permit Drawing Services in Vancouver

A building permit is a legal document signed by the City that lists all approved construction details for your project. The City has a responsibility to ensure you stay within the many bylaws relating to zoning, building codes, safety, sustainability, livability, and accessibility.

Building permits can be complicated and intimidating. Allow us to lighten your load by navigating the rules, regulations, bylaws, and paperwork on your behalf. Our team has invaluable years of experience in getting our projects smoothly through city hall’s red tape.


Vancouver Construction & Renovation Permits


Our Expertise in Permits Application

We are experts in zoning bylaws, building codes, procedures, inspections, and much more. We can easily handle contacts with the city, drawings and plans, and any other details that may be required for a permit, such as geotechnical details, site surveys, and engineering information.

Is Your Project Not Permitted?

If you desire something built that is not permitted within the existing municipal codes, we can present the case before the Board of Variance on your behalf. Also, while the city reviews the application, we will work with you on the interior design phase, where you select fixtures, finishes, and other details. Additionally, while construction is underway, a change to the design is occasionally requested. We will discuss any desired changes with your on-site inspector or plans examiner to ensure everything is Helping You Breathe Easier.


Our Commitment with You and The City of Vancouver

Our role in the permit process is to make sure you get your new build or home renovation was done in precisely the way you wish. You have enough things to think about throughout the entire project—let us save you time and hassle!

With our extensive knowledge and experience on your side, we will achieve our ultimate goal: to see both you and the city fully satisfied with the plans and the finished work clarified and then submit a revision to the city.