Basement / Legal Suite Renovation

If you are contemplating a basement or legal suite renovation, you’ve come to the right destination. Rest assured, even if you don’t have a specific idea in mind just yet. We are here to provide guidance and support. Enzo Design Build is the reliable contractor you can trust to turn your dreams into reality. Drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise.

Our skilled team will be by your side throughout every stage of the project. When it comes to remodeling your basement or legal suite, it’s crucial to establish a clear objective. What purpose do you envision for this space? Perhaps you’re considering creating a dedicated entertainment area for your family or an expansion that adds value to your home.

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Vancouver Basement Renovation


Vancouver Basement Renovation

If you are planning to start a basement renovation, it could be difficult to think about what you want to make with all the space available. Here we share some ideas that will save you some time:

By turning your basement into a gaming room, you can increase your living space while also providing a fun hangout for family and friends that can accommodate a range of activities like board games and video games. It’s a wise investment that raises the value of your house and gives you a nice place to hang out.

What a wonderful idea to include a comfortable and quiet area for you and your family to watch films, TV shows or sporting events. A cinema room may also be used as a multipurpose entertainment space, making it ideal for gaming or music jam sessions. It’s a wonderful investment that raises the value of your home while providing a welcoming and enjoyable environment for everyone to relax and have fun.

Remodeling your basement into a personal gym might be an easy and practical solution when looking for methods to enhance your health and wellness. You can work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home without the hassle of travelling to a commercial gym with a private gym in your basement. Additionally, it offers a workout area that can be customized to meet your preferences and needs, improving your fitness experience. Keep in mind, turning your basement into a gym can increase the value of your house because it’s a feature that potential buyers want.

Making your basement into a bar offers a special and fun location for gathering and unwinding while increasing the value of your house. It’s a creative project that adds worth to your house and is well-liked by potential buyers.

When transforming your basement into an office, you may work from home in a private, distraction-free environment, increasing productivity. Additionally, it increases workspace and storage, keeping materials well-organized and accessible. Your work-life balance might be enhanced and your house will appreciate thanks to this practical investment.

You may create a man cave in your basement as a place for you to relax and decompress. It provides a cozy and private setting for you to pursue your passions, whether they are video gaming, sports, or other pastimes. A man cave can also be used as a multipurpose entertainment space, making it the ideal location for throwing parties or getting together with friends. Additionally, creating a man cave in your basement can increase the value of your house because it’s a desirable feature for potential buyers. It is a useful investment that improves the visual appeal of your house and offers a terrific room for entertainment and relaxation.

Our Construction Management Services

Basements are vulnerable to moisture and water damage, so it’s essential to ensure proper waterproofing measures are in place before starting any renovations.

Ensure that your basement renovation adheres to local building codes and obtain the necessary permits before beginning any work.

Adequate lighting and ventilation are essential for any living space. Consider installing proper lighting and ventilation systems to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Determine the purpose of your renovated basement and plan the layout and design accordingly. Consider the space required for each function and how to optimize the available space.

Ensure that the basement is safe to use by installing proper exits, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. Additionally, ensure that any electrical, plumbing, or gas installations are up to code and performed by licensed professionals.


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Vancouver Legal Suite Renovation


What is a Legal Suite?

A legal suite in Vancouver refers to a secondary housing unit that meets the city’s regulations. It must be in a permitted zoning district, have a separate entrance, comply with size limits, meet safety codes, provide parking, and go through the legalization process.

Legal Suite Requirements

The property must be located in a zoning district that allows for secondary suites.

The suite can be occupied by a maximum of two unrelated individuals or a family unit.

The suite must not exceed a specified size limit, typically around 40% of the principal dwelling’s floor area or a specific square footage, whichever is smaller. It should have its own separate entrance, kitchen, bathroom facilities, and sleeping areas.

The suite must meet building and fire safety codes, including proper ventilation, fire separation, electrical systems, plumbing, and other safety measures.

Adequate parking spaces must be provided on the property, in accordance with the city’s parking requirements. The number of required parking spots depends on the property’s zoning and location.

Homeowners need to apply for a development permit and a building permit to establish a legal suite. This involves submitting necessary documentation, such as floor plans and a site survey, and completing any required upgrades to meet building code standards.


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