Laneway Home Building & Renovation

Laneway suites, also known as laneway homes or laneway houses, are secondary dwellings constructed behind traditional street-facing homes, adjoining public laneways. They are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. Many of our clients choose to develop laneway suites on their properties primarily for family homesteading and creating in-law suites. Additionally, as a rental or income property, these suites offer an impressive return on investment (R.O.I).

These suites not only enhance the quality of rental housing but also beautify neighborhoods and make efficient use of existing infrastructure. Particularly on the west coast of Canada, and in cities like Vancouver, laneway homes are experiencing a surge in popularity. At ENZO Design Build, we have extensive experience with infill home projects, equipping us with a deep understanding of how to navigate the unique challenges associated with this type of development.


Laneway Suite Possibilities

Adding a living space, an income suite, a purpose-built dream garage, or even an artist’s studio to your property will improve your quality of life.

  • Rental suite / Supplemental income

  • Multi-generational living: Aging in place, empty nest flexibility, millennial children

  • Living / Work-flex space / Studio

  • Live-in caregiver: Nanny / Nurse

  • Rec / Hobby space

Our team has been at the forefront of developing creative solutions for building in confined spaces, ensuring minimal disturbance to surrounding structures. At ENZO Design Build, we provide laneway homes that are not only soundly constructed but also seamlessly integrated with the existing buildings and the broader community. This commitment to quality and harmony with the environment sets our laneway housing projects apart.

“Let’s make a home that reflects the real you.”

Our dependable team of construction professionals has been specializing in Vancouver laneway builds for over 5 years. As active community members and parents, we also understand how important it is for your family to maximize living space. Making that personalized space for you is our passion and our craft. We have a passion for educating homeowners and investors on the current bylaws here in Vancouver. Our expertise will provide you with everything needed to have your project completed on schedule and without complications. From concept through to construction, our team designs your laneway suite in accordance with current zoning and building regulations.  Understanding unique and small spaces to build exceptional, space efficient laneway suites is what we do. Our team thrives on delivering an outstanding final product and experience throughout.