Kitchen Renovation Vancouver

Enzo Design Build makes kitchen renovation in Vancouver easy, from start to finish. We want to ensure that your kitchen design is not only aesthetically beautiful but functional for how you and your family use your kitchen. We work hard to design and build the kitchen you have always dreamed of! 

One of the greatest benefits of working with Enzo Design Build is that not only will we help you design your ideal kitchen, but we can also make it a reality as well. We are a Design-Build Remodeling Construction Firm. This means that your kitchen design, engineering and professional kitchen construction services are all under a single contract by a single professional.  We pride ourselves on providing one point of responsibility and accountability for your kitchen renovation.

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“Elevate your culinary creativity”


Kitchen Design Process

One of our Professional Kitchen Designers will sit down with each kitchen remodeling client and have them walk us through their vision or lack of vision; some people really cannot visualize what they want but can point out kitchen remodels from our kitchen remodeling portfolio to help guide us to your design style. We take into consideration design elements, functional layout, space form, how space will be used, current problem areas, and what kitchen essentials they need to have in their space.

Whether your sense of design style leads you to a sleek contemporary kitchen design style, classic traditional or dramatic showpiece kitchen, our talented interior designers will lead you step-by-step through the process of how to design your new kitchen. When you partner with our team, every detail will be considered; from the major decisions to the minor details nothing will be overlooked. 

Kitchen Remodeling Permit Process

Enzo Design Build has extensive remodeling experience in Greater Vancouver, making them familiar with the permitting processes, construction document requirements, zoning laws, setback requirements, and lead and asbestos testing of each municipality. This expertise ensures a smoother construction process compared to single-team general contractors who may lack experience with multiple city municipalities. With a high volume of kitchen remodels, Enzo Design Build has multiple professional construction teams, project managers, and specialized electrical and plumbing specialists available as needed. They consistently deliver quality workmanship that passes city inspections on the first attempt. City inspections, including plumbing inspections, hold the builder accountable to provide safe and code-compliant work, protecting your investment and ensuring the safety of your family during the kitchen renovation.


Approximately 70% of people use their kitchens for socializing and entertaining, hosting parties, and having conversations while making meals.

Kitchen Renovation Full Service

This integrated approach to construction and remodeling ensures continuity between all phases of the design and build process. The Design-Build concept allows us to design your remodel with value engineering in mind; this means we will recommend the most efficient layouts and designs to leverage your existing architecture. Design, quality, cost, and time are all determined simultaneously. This ensures that your budget is kept at a minimum, time to completion is reduced, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your kitchen remodel is done to your exact specifications.


Benefits of Kitchen Design & Build

  • Integrated design-build approach ensures continuity throughout the construction and remodeling process.
  • Prioritizes value engineering to keep costs, quality, and time in check.
  • Adheres to your exact specifications while minimizing your budget and construction time.
  • Eliminates cost discrepancies often found in traditional construction models.
  • Prevents costly surprises that can arise from the separation between draftsmen and contractors.
  • Avoids additional expenses incurred from creating new plans.
  • Ensures that your bathroom aligns with both your dream and budget.

Our Full Service Process

Kitchen Renovation Full Service Process: Consultation Stage

Enzo Design Build begins the kitchen design and remodeling process with a complimentary in-home design consultation. Our professional Kitchen Designers will ask you about your kitchen usage, family dynamics, entertaining habits, and cooking preferences to understand how you use your kitchen. They will also take measurements and gather design inspiration pictures from you to tailor the design to your preferences. Once the consultation is complete, your designer will identify similar projects to initiate the remodeling process.


Kitchen Renovation Full Service Process: Design & Build Stage

The kitchen design-build process provides transparency into the project as we design your custom kitchen and select your custom cabinetry, kitchen cabinet inserts, roll-out cabinetry, kitchen cabinet pulls, countertops, lighting, natural light source determination, moldings, sink and faucet, possibly 2 sinks if you’re a home chef and have an island or 2 in your new kitchen design, as well as your backsplash and flooring.  Once we have selected all of your materials, we will design your color 3D rendering so you can envision your kitchen just as it was designed.  Often these images look like ‘after’ photo replicas, yet they came before so we can show you all of your kitchen design selections as they would appear in your kitchen; this allows us to save money by changing materials on paper and not as we’re installing tile in your kitchen and have a pallet of the tile on-hand.

Sustainable practices in the kitchen, such as energy-efficient appliances and waste reduction strategies, are embraced by around 75% of environmentally conscious individuals.

Sustainable Kitchens in Vancouver

Our philosophy is that home remodeling is an art, and thus we will give each project our closest attention to ensure an aesthetically beautiful outcome. Your kitchen remodel will also be built in the most energy-efficient, “green” way while maintaining impeccable quality and design. When you work with Enzo, you can count on a new kitchen that will both live up to your expectations and add significant value to your residence.

You already know you want your kitchen to be beautiful, but have you thought about why it also makes sense to go green? Adept at sustainable, eco-friendly kitchen remodeling, Enzo Design Build is the Vancouver remodeling company that looks for ways to make your kitchen use energy more efficiently, last longer and be easier to maintain. With Enzo, you can create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, while also cutting energy costs and setting the space up to last well into the future.


Investing in a kitchen renovation typically yields a high return on investment (ROI) of 70-80%.


Increase Your Home Value Through Kitchen Renovation

There’s no denying the power of a beautiful kitchen to increase a home’s value — but you’ll get the most bang for your buck when you know which projects yield the highest returns. Should you replace your appliances? Are granite countertops more than a fad? Thanks to extensive experience in the industry, our team can help you know which updates are worth investing in. Through an efficient, well-designed facelift, your kitchen can become one of the greatest selling points in your home.