Kitchen Renovation Vancouver

Transform Your Kitchen with Vancouver's Renovation Experts

At Enzo Design Build, we approach your kitchen renovation project with a blend of expertise and passion, ensuring that your kitchen is not just a visual delight but a hub of functionality for your family. We understand that a kitchen is more than a room; it’s a space where memories are cooked up and savored. That’s why our kitchen renovation packages are tailored to bring your dream kitchen into reality, a place that’s inviting, functional, and beautiful. Let’s join hands in this journey to transform your kitchen, crafting a space where new stories and cherished moments with your loved ones are waiting to unfold.

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Kitchen Design & Build in Vancouver

Choosing Enzo Design Build means more than just benefiting from design expertise. As a comprehensive Design-Build Firm and skilled kitchen renovation contractor, we manage every aspect of your project – from initial design and engineering to professional construction. Experience the convenience and confidence of having a single, accountable partner for your entire kitchen renovation.

ROI of Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations typically yield a high ROI of 70-80%.


Personalized Kitchen Design Vancouver

Our Professional Kitchen Designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a clear idea or need inspiration, our portfolio can guide your choices. We consider various aspects – from design elements and layout to space utilization and key features, ensuring your kitchen design reflects your style, whether contemporary, traditional, or bespoke.

Streamlined Permitting Process

In Greater Vancouver, we’re known for our top-notch skills in remodeling, especially when it comes to your kitchen. We take care of all the tricky stuff like permits and safety rules, and we’re really good at it – often getting things right the first time with city checks. This means your kitchen project is not only safe but also smooth sailing from start to finish.


70% of people use their kitchens for socializing and entertaining.

Full-Service Kitchen Renovation

Our integrated approach ensures a smooth transition between each stage of your kitchen remodel. By considering design, quality, cost, and time simultaneously, we deliver a kitchen renovation that matches your vision while being cost-effective and timely.


Benefits of Our Full-Service Approach

  • Streamlined construction process.
  • Value engineering for cost, quality, and time balance.
  • Cohesive teamwork between designers and contractors.
  • Time and cost savings by minimizing revisions.

Consultation Stage

We begin with a free in-home consultation, emphasizing our attention to details. We assess your needs, preferences, and space to tailor the kitchen renovation precisely to your lifestyle. This stage, with our thorough focus, forms the foundation for a kitchen that truly reflects your personality and needs.


Design & Build Stage

Transparency is key in our process. We involve you in selecting every component of your kitchen, from cabinetry to flooring. Our 3D renderings allow you to visualize and adjust your kitchen renovation before construction begins, ensuring satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Sustainable practices in the kitchen, such as energy-efficient appliances and waste reduction strategies, are embraced by around 75% of environmentally conscious individuals.

Sustainable Kitchen Renovation in Vancouver

We blend art with sustainability, focusing on energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Our eco-friendly approach not only realizes your dream kitchen renovation but also optimizes energy usage and longevity.


Boost Your Home's Value with a Kitchen Renovation

Understanding which renovations offer the best returns is crucial. Our industry experience guides you in making smart, value-adding choices for your kitchen renovation, turning it into a key selling point of your home.

“Elevate your culinary creativity”