Construction Project Management Services

The construction project manager team at Enzo Design Build is deeply committed to upholding quality, professionalism, and craftsmanship. Our primary aim is to ensure a delightful experience for our clients, starting from the initial conversation with your project manager all the way through the completion of your project. We prioritize offering innovative solutions to overcome project challenges, with a strong emphasis on maintaining control over design, scheduling, communication, and craftsmanship. Our unwavering dedication lies in consistently delivering superior services in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our team of professional consultants serves as invaluable project partners, actively contributing to the success of our clients’ projects. By collaborating closely with our clients, we strive to enhance their outcomes. Certain projects may require the expertise of a professional consultant or specialist who can offer guidance on specific design and construction concerns. Whether you need project clarity and mediation, advocacy, or a second opinion, our team of specialists is committed to bolstering the continuity and momentum of your project. We approach each challenge with a focus on innovation and creativity, ensuring that we provide tailored and ingenious solutions to meet all your project needs.


“Our interior design and construction consultants can assist you at any time during the course of your project.”


Construction Project Manager

In addition, our project management services extend to assisting homeowners in effectively managing their construction-related tasks. This includes overseeing various aspects such as repairs, value engineering, bidding contract and change order evaluations, as well as on-site construction management. Enzo Design Build takes pride in providing homeowners with comprehensive management leadership and support, offering expert evaluation and advice on all construction-related matters.

Under the guidance of our company’s management team, we take responsibility for defining the scope of work, supervising contractors and schedules, managing the bidding and review processes, and providing consultation throughout contractor negotiations. When necessary, we diligently oversee the on-site work, ensuring that all contracted tasks are executed and completed to the highest standards. Our aim is to provide homeowners with peace of mind, assuring them that their construction projects are handled with meticulous attention to detail and in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.

“We’ll make sure everything is within scope, budget and time.”

Our Construction Project Management Services

  • Full service design, consulting, and project management from concept to completion

  • Review, analyze, and customize Protocol and Procedures Systems

  • Design Consultancy with the interior design and architectural team to ensure feasibility and construction standards are noted and integrated into the design phase early on

  • Site visits to understand and verify project and site history, including inspection, analysis and research consulting

  • Obtaining permits and approvals

  • Contractor bid review and on-going contract review, analysis, negotiation and management

  • Material purchase

  • Hiring and managing subcontractors

  • Daily and weekly site visits

  • Full project administration with ongoing budget and billing review, contractor invoicing and payment management, schedule and timeline

  • Organization, coordination and oversight of all third party hired consultants, professionals, city agencies and officials

  • Value engineering

  • Project close out